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Monday, July 28, 2014

PiYo // Week 1 Review

PiYo arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, and I was excited to tear that box open! I started the program on Monday, July 14th, and I want to share my weekly progress with all of you.

I have to be honest when I say I was a little nervous to jump all in with this program. When I started my fitness journey out two years ago, I did TurboFire, which is a high-intensity cardio program. I had such great results from that program and then moved on to weights. I was just afraid to give that up. However, Chalene Johnson is fantastic and knows what she is doing, so I totally trust her and have decided to commit to this program from start to finish 100%!

My main goal with PiYo is not to lose weight. Instead I am looking to increase my flexibility, strength and my core. For this reason, I am going to be eating for maintenance calories. My plan is to continue using the 21 Day Fix containers for portion control and follow the PiYo eating plan.

To start, I figured out my calorie target. For me, that is about 1200-1300 calories per day. I found the food plan that matches my calorie target, which is plan A. 

For Plan A I am eating

4 servings of Primary Vegetables
2 servings Secondary Vegetables & Grains
2 servings Fresh Fruit
4 servings Lean Protein
3 servings Healthy Fats

With this program, it is important to follow the eating plan because you are not burning a high amount of calories with these workouts. I don't have a meal plan to share with you from week one, because we were camping over the weekend and I didn't make a PiYo plan for that. Future weeks, I will be sharing what my meals and snacks are.

Here are my week 1 workouts:

Day 1 is Align: The Fundamentals, which is 40 minutes long. This workout breaks down the most important and effective moves in the program to help you perfect your form and get your best results possible. You will not want to skip this introduction! Chalene guides you through each movement, pose and exercise that you will use the rest of the program.
Day 1 - Learning the moves
Day 2 is Define: Lower Body (25 min.), which really focuses on your lower body. This workout will helps lengthen and strengthen your entire lower body from your flutes and hamstrings to your calves.
Day 2 - After workout Shakeology
Day 3 is Define: Upper Body (35 min). This really is an upper body workout with plenty of tricep push-ups! Hello sexy shoulders!

Day 4 is Sweat (35 min.). This is a traditional PiYo workout that incorporates effective dynamic conditioning, fast-paced cardio yoga-flows, and bodyweight resistance strength training to help sculpt your entire body. And, YES, I was sweating without doing any running or jumping!

Day 5 is a rest day.

Day 6 is Define: Lower Body again.

Day 7 is Define: Upper Body

And, that is week 1! You can follow along on my PiYo journey right here on the blog, as well as on my Facebook Page, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  1. This sounds fun! I've taken Piyo before in a gym but haven't done it in ages. I might have to look into this since I have to slow down my workouts even more...

    1. It is actually fun, Giselle! I wasn't sure how I would like slowing down but I am loving it. Let me know if you are interested in getting it... it's on sale through Thursday!!