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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

PicMonkey Tutorial: How to Add Words & Graphics

Lately I have had quite a few people asking me how I have been adding words and graphics to my photos, so I thought it would be a great blog post to share with all of you.

I am probably one of the least computer savvy people you will meet. This is especially true when it comes to editing photos. I have admired many people's photos and have wished that I were as talented and skilled, but I have accepted the fact that I am not, nor have the time to become so at this point in my life. Maybe some day. :-)

For now though, I am extremely happy that I found out about PicMonkey, a *free* photo-editing website! You can create some pretty beautiful images on this site. I am still learning what all the site can do, but overtime, hopefully I will just continue to improve.

That's what I am going to encourage you to do. Pull up the website and start having fun! Don't worry about "messing up".

I will share a tutorial on what I did for a photo I posted yesterday on my Facebook page.

1. Hover your mouse over the "Design" icon, and select the canvas you want. I chose the 4 x 6 this time.
2. Click on "Open" and select where you are retrieving your photo from. Mine was on "My computer."

3. Once it is uploaded, you can start having fun! :-)

4. To add text, click on the "Tt" icon on the left hand side of the page. There are a few font selections, but you are limited. In order to have access to all the options you have to pay a fee, which honestly I have never looked into so I am not sure on that cost. I am cheap and just stick to what's free. ;) 

5. Adjust the size of your words and change the font color using the box on the right. With this photo, I wanted my words to match the pink on my camera strap. To match an exact color, all you have to do is click on the rectangle that has "0%" below it and an eyedropper will appear. Move that eyedropper over onto your photo and click your mouse on the color you want.

6. To add overlays, click on the "Butterfly" icon over on the left sidebar. You can add your own by simply selecting, "Your Own" or you can choose from the general options they provide for you, which is what I did for this photo. 

7. After you have selected which design you want, it will appear on your photo. I chose from "Stars."

You can then move the image, enlarge or minimize, and change the color.

You can add more and overlap them. I added two smaller ones to put over the big star.

8. Click and save to your computer when you are finished.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. If anything, maybe it will inspire you to try out your own masterpieces. The possibilities are endless! 

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