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Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Costco Stop

Happy Thursday! Has this week flown by for all of you like it has for me?! I can't believe we are at the end of the week already!

Not much to post over here. Monday I mentioned how I was going out alone for the afternoon because of a doctor's appointment I had. While I didn't make it to Target, I did decide to stop at Costco because we needed a few things. Thought I would share what I picked up on this trip for those interested. :-)

I opened the bag of almonds after loading the vehicle up with all the groceries. I think I could have sat there forever eating these in complete silence, haha! Love my kids, love my life, but I am not going to lie when I say it is a treat to have a few hours alone!

This first group is some of what I picked up. You will see the granola I so often eat... daily? You should definitely try it! 

The kids like the bars as an afternoon treat, so I picked more up for them. 

I love, love, love getting fruit from Costco. Buying that in bulk is a must around here since we got through it so quickly, especially bananas with my little banana monster I have living here. ;) 

Have you ever tried the "Food Should Taste Good" multigrain chips? A great option if you like to snack on chips and salsa or throw them in your chili for that little crunch like we have been doing this week.

I am not into pickles, but the rest of the family likes them, so I make sure to keep these in stock.

Picked up some craisins this trip. I love adding these to my salads and the kids enjoy these as a treat too.

Chocolate chips are a must in our house! We add them to our Greek yogurt, which makes it like a little dessert for us. Totally satisfies my sweet tooth without me going overboard.

Love this fish. When I don't feel like cooking, it is nice to have this in the freezer. I have even baked it up to throw on my salad before, which was really yummy.

My all-time favorite veggie is green beans, so if you came over, you would definitely see these in our freezer. I either steam them up and add a little Mrs. Dash seasoning or I will put them on the stove top drizzled in some olive oil. Mmm!

And, probably no surprise here that I got a couple containers of this. ;)

There you have it. My little Costco stop. My sitter even stuck around and played with the kids while I unloaded and put away! Mini vacation day for me! Love those!

Questions for you:
  • Where do you do most of your grocery shopping? 
  • What are the staples at your house?

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