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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

7 Ways to Stay Motivated

Summer is peeking around the corner, which means making time to workout can be put on the back burner. If you are like our family, you are just out and about more when the weather gets nicer... family cookouts, kids' activities, lazy pool days... you get it. So this morning I wanted to share some ideas on how to keep or get yourself into that healthy routine.

  1. Try something new - Switch up your current workout routine. This keeps you from getting into a rut or becoming bored.
  2. Head outdoors - Now that the weather is nicer, take advantage to get outside and walk, run, hike, etc. The change in scenery can motivate you in a whole new way.
  3. Buy a new piece of clothing - I don't know about you, but if I have a new tank top or shorts, it makes me look forward to my workout. It doesn't have to be anything outrageously expensive. Heck, I even get excited over something as small as a new headband. ;) 
  4. Turn on the tunes - Who doesn't get pumped up listening to music?! Get Pandora on your phone and purchase something new to get you through your workout.
  5. Get a friend involved - Accountability makes all the difference in the world! Finding someone with similar goals keeps you going, especially on the days when you may not feel like working out. Having that friend calling or knocking on your door can be enough to get you up off the couch.
  6. Get online - Online support groups can be so helpful. Post your sweaty after workout pic., share the food you eat... these are all things that we do in our online challenge groups. If you are looking for that kind of group, let me know and I can get you in our summer one.
  7. Schedule it - The same as you schedule and don't cancel your dentist and doctor appointments, schedule your workouts and don't let anything else replace that time. Sometimes things will come up where you may have to shuffle things around or skip your workout, but if you have this schedule, you'll be less likely to skip your fitness.
Keep in mind, it's a process. Changes take time. Hang in there... these changes are totally worth it!

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