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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hi friends! Another Wednesday, which means I am going to share what I ate yesterday. Thanks to Jenn for hosting this each week!

Yesterday started out like all other mornings here. I woke up, drank my E&E and worked out. After, I enjoyed a breakfast of Greek yogurt, berries and cinnamon. Love this simple combo.

Once breakfast was cleaned up, we packed up to head to our friends for the morning. We have Bible study at Jennifer's on Tuesday. I take my camo cup with me everywhere I go because I am constantly drinking water.

I also pre-made my Vanilla Shakeology {threw in some flaxseed this time too} and took that along to be sure I had something healthy for snack time there.

And, I'm glad I did, because we didn't intend on staying for lunch, but by the time study was over, we looked at the clock and Jenny graciously offered to feed my kids so they could get down for nap right when we got home. Mac-n-cheese is always a hit with kids, right?! We had some too. Not what I planned for lunch, but hey, not a big deal every now and again.

The kids went back outside to jump on the trampoline while we finished eating and chatting. 

At this point it was now 2 pm and I didn't know that I even wanted to take the baby home to put him down to nap. I was starting to think an early bedtime was going to be the best option. So Jenny made us espressos and we sat on the porch the rest of the afternoon chatting while the kids played. Talk about nice!

She even fed us snack. I had tomatoes while the kids enjoyed crackers and cheese.

Without me realizing it, Jenny snuck in later and started supper so we could now eat and then I could just get the kids ready for bed when I got home. She is too sweet. It was a simple meal, but I loved it! She made up some spanish rice and put some Kenya seasoning on it mixed with ground beef. My kids didn't like it, so I ended up eating three other small bowls too. {I just can't throw out their food ya know! ;) }

When we got home, they were pretty hungry since they didn't like supper. I let them have Greek yogurt, granola and chocolate chips. I had a bowl {or two!} as well. Hard to pass it up. Let me tell you by the time I sat down after they were in bed, I was FULL... like feeling like I was going to throw up full! I don't know what I was thinking having dessert when I ate such a big supper. 

So there you have it. My eats from yesterday. What about you? What was one thing you loved eating yesterday?

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