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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beachbody Summer SALE!

Oh my goodness, everyone, I am *so* excited to share this news with all of you! Beachbody is offering a SALE on some amazing fitness products!

The offer is valid for a LIMITED TIME ONLY starting today, June 4th at 12 PM PST until Monday June 9th at 12 PM PST. Offer quantities are limited and we’re expecting that some items will sell out quickly, so be sure to get your order in asap!

Have you have been thinking of joining one of my challenge groups?? This is your chance to commit! I have a challenge group starting up at the end of this month that you could get in on, and what better time to join than when things are on a big discount????


Let me break down what is on exactly on sale during this time though.

Fitness Programs Sale prices will be reflected starting June 4 at 1 pm MST 
  • P90X  Originally $120  Discount 50% off = $59.90  (Coach Price $44.93)
  • P90X2 Originally $120  Discount 50% off = $59.90  (Coach Price $44.93)
  • Les Mills Pump Originally $166  Discount 50% off = $82.93  (Coach Price $62.20)
  • Les Mills Combat Originally $60  Discount 40% off = $35.91  (Coach Price $26.93)
  • ChaLEAN Extreme Originally $90 Discount 34% off = $58.95  (Coach Price $44.21)
  • Tai Cheng Originally $120  Discount 50% off = $60 (Coach Price $44.57)
  • Slim in 6 Originally $39  Discount 37% off = $24.95  (Coach Price $18.71)
  • Hip Hop Abs/Rockin' Abs Originally $20  Discount 50% off = $9.95  (Coach Price $7.46)
  • Insanity: The Asylum + Free Chin up Bar Originally $149.70  Discount 40% off = $89.87  (Coach Price $67.39)

Please feel free to contact me for *any* questions you have about these products or if you need help ordering!

Also, I want anyone that may have thought about becoming a coach, now would be an awesome time, because you get a 25% discount on any products, and with these sales, you get to take an additional 25% off the sale price! You don't need to feel like you have to sell and there are no monthly requirements, so you could just join for the discount. If this is something you are wanting to do, contact me before placing your order and I can help you get going on that.

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