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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Introducing PiYo

In less than one week, Chalene Johnson, one of my favorite trainers, will be releasing a new workout program called PiYo! Have you heard about it? If not, I want to fill you in on what this program is all about and how you can be one of the first to get your hands on it.
Who is this for?
Anyone and everyone! This program is so much more than just yoga and pilates! This is a *high* intensity, low impact program that can be modified to meet anyone's needs. You will improve flexibility and burn calories, all while getting in the best shape of your life! There is no equipment required, and for those of you that want to go easy on your joints, I have to tell you, there is no jumping involved!

What are the PiYo workouts?
Align (46 mins): The basics
Upper Body (35 mins): Strengthens and stretches your entire body 
Lower Body (25 mins): Tones and strengthens your lower body muscles, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves in a gentle yet effective way.
Sweat (35 mins): Fast paced, traditional PiYo workout with bodyweight strength training and ab work
Core (30 mins): Targets all back and ab muscles
Drench (45 mins): Total-body workout burning calories and firing up your metabolism.
Strength Intervals (25 mins): Tones the whole body, all without any weights!
Sculpt (30 mins): Intense full-body workout, again, all without weights
***When you order through me, you will get a *bonus* workout, as well as get this program two weeks earlier than Beachbody's launch date! SIGN UP HERE to have me as your coach.***

Be the first to have this PiYo Challenge Program on June 23rd, and you will also have a spot reserved for you in my exclusive PiYo Test Group. This will be a select group that will commit to completing this program from start to finish to get the best possible results. You must be willing to invest it all, knowing I will be there to meet you half way!
What is a test group? How do I join?
A PiYo Test Group is a committed group of people that will be working to finish this program in a private, online area. You will submit your before and after photos to me. We will be posting in the group daily, and I will be there to give you all the support you need. I will be providing meal plans and daily tips as well.
If you would like to join, please email me privately at rundebriana at gmail dot com. I will follow up within 24 hours to discuss.