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Monday, October 6, 2014

INSANITY // Week 4 Plan & Progress Report

Happy Monday! I hope you are all enjoying a fabulous start to your week. I wanted to update you on my progress with INSANITY. The end of week two and the start of week three went a little different than planned. We ended up in the emergency room with my little guy a week ago this past Saturday. After some blood work and x-rays, it was discovered that he has Type 1 Diabetes. Our world has forever changed in that moment. It has been scary and overwhelming, but at the same time we are finding blessings and trying to focus on some positive. 

We had to spend three days in the hospital, which meant my workouts took a back seat, as they should. My eating has also been so-so. Hospital food? Yep. Dessert? Some. Snacking at night. You bet. Isn't this how it goes at times? We can't all be perfect all the time with our eating and working out. But we don't have to let these moments ruin it all. Get back on track, plan meals, start the workouts back up, and make it go time!

I was ready to start working out again Wednesday morning. I found that pushing myself to the limits really helped with kicking any pity I was starting to feel to the curb. No time for that! I was a sweating machine by the time I was done, and it was sweet to have the encouragement from my oldest daughter as she cheered me on from the couch.

Week three started out with my second fit test. I pulled out the numbers from my first fit test and was determined to beat or at least match those. Here are my week two numbers with week one numbers in parenthesis. 

  1. Switch Kicks - 57 (48)
  2. Power Jacks - 54 (54)
  3. Power Knees - 120 (109)
  4. Power Jumps - 33 (30)
  5. Globe Jumps - 12 (10)
  6. Suicide Jumps - 25 (21)
  7. Push-Up Jacks - 21 (20)
  8. Low Plank Oblique - 38 (38) 

Week four is about to start now. I am sitting here updating and drinking my E&E again. I have been tired in the mornings and have recently been doing my workouts in the afternoons. Getting up to do those 2 AM blood glucose checks on my little man have made me feel like I have a newborn again. I am exhausted. This morning, however, we have a doctor's appointment to get to, so I knew if I wanted to get a workout in, I had to get up anyway. I have goals I want to accomplish so I am just moving things around in my schedule, sleeping in and working out at different times. Here is what week four is going to look like for me: 

Meals have been a bit up in the air and put together the day of. I am trying to redo our meals, just because I now have to count carbs and track those for my little one. We have tried out some new recipes over the weekend and so far they have been given thumbs up from the family. I will definitely be sharing those here on the blog.

Here is a general idea of meals for the upcoming week:
Breakfasts: Shakeology
Lunches: Avocado Quesadillas, Leftovers, Salads
Snacks: Veggies & hummus, Apples w/PB, Nuts and fruit
Suppers: Tacos, Chicken, Chili, Spaghetti

I can't wait to have this whole diabetes thing down a bit more so I can feel prepared for the week. So thankful my MIL is out here helping. Even with her help, our day is super busy and packed as we are adjusting.

How is your week looking? Have you hit some bumps in the road with your fitness and health goals? If so, I challenge you to find some ways this week to work around those and keep moving forward. You can totally do it!

Have a great week, friends!

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