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Monday, August 18, 2014

PiYo Update // Weeks 2 & 3

Sorry I am late on getting updates up on how PiYo is going. I have completed weeks two and three and will be starting week 4 today.

So the question you may all be wanting me to answer... what do I think of PiYo so far?

I will be honest with you and admit that I have had a hard time slowing down to do these workouts. I am so used to pushing myself with cardio and lifting weights that this has been a challenge in the sense that I have to clear my mind and really be present in these workouts. However, I do feel my core getting more defined, which has been really encouraging!

Week 2 Workouts
Monday - Sweat
Tuesday - Define: Lower Body
Wednesday - Core
Thursday - Define: Upper Body
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Sweat 
Sunday - Core

At this point my two favorite workouts from week two are Core and Sweat. When I do the core workout, I can feel it working *every* angle, and I love that because my stomach is not my strongest area after having three kiddos via three c-sections. 

I have found that Define: Upper Body and Define: Lower Body are quite short so I have been adding in a cardio, usually one of my 21 Day Fix workouts, on those days as well. What can I say, I love getting my sweat on. ;)

It's summertime, so sticking to my meal plan each week has honestly been a challenge for me. I have no problem getting each workout in; that is the easy part. I try to stick to what I have planned for breakfast, lunch and snacks, and then when it comes to dinner and we are out and about for gatherings, I make the best choices I can. All three of my kids have summer birthdays, two of them were last week, and I did have cake and a few other treats.

The thing about PiYo is that you don't burn a ton of calories so you have to be diligent about staying within your calorie range if you want to see results. Making sure I eat less carbs and more protein is what I have found I need to do, and that is a challenge because this girl *loves* her carbs! 

Portion sizes are a bit different than what they are for the 21 Day Fix program. For example, with the 21 Day Fix I could have 12 almonds whereas with PiYo it calls for 6. No more reaching in my almond container and mindlessly snacking!

I have my week three meal plan to share, but I will warn you that I am a creature of habit and tend to eat the same things over and over so it's not super exciting. I pick foods that are nutritious and that I love to eat, and then I incorporate those into my plan.

Week 3 Workouts
Monday - Define: Upper Body
Tuesday - Buns
Wednesday - Core
Thursday - Define: Lower Body
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Sweat
Sunday - Strength Intervals

For week three, two new workouts were added, Buns and Strength Intervals. I would say these two were my favorite this week. Buns in no joke! I could feel the work it did on me the next day as I was walking up and down our stairs. 

Strength Intervals is a great workout too. It is a 25 minute calorie burning, body sculpting, no weights  workout. 

I am off to start week four now and am super excited! While the first three weeks have been enjoyable, I felt like I was trying to learn the moves and form, as well as build up my strength. I have noticed that I am starting to sweat more during my workouts now that I am getting more familiar with the program. 

A question I have been getting asked so often is, "Is this workout going to give me results?" My answer to this is that you have to give the program time and try your absolute hardest. You have to trust the program and Chalene Johnson! The workouts do get harder as you move along and you will be pushed more and more as you move through the PiYo program. Just because you aren't sweating buckets by the time you are done with your workout does not mean it's not working. You are building strength, burning calories and getting rid of fat... maybe in a different way than you are used to. Another way I look at this program is by thinking of yoga masters. Do they look overweight or unhealthy to you? Heck no! They look amazing! They are lean and flexible! There is more than one way to get results and PiYo is one of those ways.

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