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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Favorite Month

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed your extra long weekend!

I am pretty excited over here that September has started. It is my favorite month, hands down. Fall is in the air, sweaters and boots will be coming out, baking will start, candles start burning... so much to love!

I like to look at my month before it starts and make goals. I thought I would share some of what will be happening for me in September.

1. Fall decor will be coming out! It is my favorite time to decorate the house. You can put things up in September and they can stay up through November! {I am not one of those people that decorates super early for Christmas.}

2. We will be getting outdoors. Walking daily is what I am hoping. I love the cooler temps. and want to soak it all up before snow season starts.

3. Head to the Farmers' Market. I want to start eating more of what is in season. We went to the farmers' market for the first time here a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I want to get there again and start buying locally.

4. Have a date night. I would like to have more than one, but it's hunting season, my friends. I am aiming for one. That's a realistic goal. ;)

5. Buy a new candle. I am craving a new fall scent. Bath and Body Works has some great ones. Now to decide which I want.

6. We will celebrate my birthday this month too. Nothing big or fancy. Just some time with my fam. is all I want.

7. Read one book. Currently this is the one on my nightstand. I am really enjoying it. My friend has number 2 and 3 of this series and said they are just as good, so I will probably continue on with this.

8. Finish PiYo. I have month one down. One month to go. Really enjoying it!

9. Be committed to our school year. We started last week and it went really well. Now to keep up this momentum. 

Your Turn!
  • What are you looking forward to this month? 
  • What is one goal you have?
  • Do you have a favorite fall recipe? 

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