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Friday, April 11, 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, my friends! This week went by quickly again, but I think the gorgeous 70 degree weather we have been experiencing helped pass it by. We spent a lot of time outside, as you can probably imagine. We were ready for spring around this house. ;)

I am linking up with Lauren, Darci, and Jennie today to share five of my favorite things from this week.

1. I was out of my favorite granola at the beginning of the week, but have no fear... I picked up more on Wednesday and became happy once again. It's sometimes dangerous for me to keep this stuff in the house because I love it so much!

2. Getting my workouts in with a buddy has been fun. Usually it was My Hunter, but yesterday my favorite little airplane-flyin' man joined me.

3. The artwork my 7 year old daughter has been making this week is definitely wall-hanging worthy! ;) She is still saying she wants to be an artist when she grows up {and her dad is still saying she will be living with us when she is 30 because of this, haha... I won't mind. :-)}.

4. I found the chipotle spice we need for our meatloaf muffins, so you can bet I will be making some of these again very soon.

5. My Hunter tried some of these chips the other day for the first time and mentioned how much he actually liked them. So I had to pick up a big bag for him when we were at Costco the other day. 

How was your week?

1 comment:

  1. Hey Briana! My family and I are trying to eat healthier lately! I think I can definitely pick up some recipes from your blog! Pam P.S. Your daughter's artwork is awesome!