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Monday, April 14, 2014

Marvelous in My Monday

Hello Monday! You just sneak up so fast sometimes! I do love you though. ;)

We had such a nice weekend over here, and I think that is why I am feeling Monday just kind of got here so quickly. Guess I wasn't ready for the fun to end.

Maybe sharing some of the highlights with all of you will take me back and satisfy me before I start in on this week.

Thursday night the kids and I went out to eat with some friends of ours. This restaurant was pretty fun. The atmosphere was perfect for the baby. He was able to run around and not bother anyone else.

Everything on the menu had really weird names. When I ordered the girls their "camel toes" they gave me a look like they were not going to eat "camel toes"! {It was just the insides of bread topped with turkey and cheese.}

Check out how these sandwiches are shaped too. I had to ask them to cut mine in half. I wasn't sure how else I would be able to eat it without making a total fool of myself.

Every Friday night our family does pizza and movie night. I decided to bail for a bit though and take our dog for a walk. It was still 70 degrees at 7 pm and she hadn't been on a good walk in a long time. She was over due. And, I sure didn't mind having some peace and quite for a bit. :-)

In fact, when I got home, I left again to run out to T.J. Maxx to find some new pants. Well, I didn't even make it over to the clothes section. I shopped in home decor, picking up a few new fun things for our place.
Something I totally needed! Ha!
Saturday morning, My Hunter and I got in a quick workout and then we went on a family date to the orchestra. It was geared for the kids perfectly. They told a fun story to go along with their songs and it was just the right length to avoid an embarrassing melt-down that I knew wasn't far away from the baby. After the performance, they had a "petting zoo" where the kids could test out the instruments. Pretty fun!
Orchestra Bound!
Saturday afternoon and evening we spent out at our friends. The guys went shed hunting, while Jenny and I had some girl talk and the kids played. Once the guys got home we all sat down to a wonderful home-cooked supper and enjoyed some great family time.

Sunday was spent mostly at church. My friend and I are preparing a women's conference that will be coming up at the end of this month. We had to announce it at each of the services and then spend time at the registration table talking with the other women. I am really looking forward to this conference! Definitely keeping me busy!

I did pick up some of these *amazing* lemon covered almonds while we were out. I plan to put these in some of the kids' Easter eggs. Somebody doesn't like the fact that he has to wait another week to have them. :-)

This week ahead is super busy for us. You would think with us not living near family that we wouldn't have many plans with it begin Easter week and all, but I think the only day we don't have something going on is Wednesday.

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!

Thank you so much, Katie, for hosting this link-up!
Do you ever go out shopping for something that you specifically need and then come home with everything but?

What was your favorite highlight from your weekend?

Do you have a busy week ahead with Easter?


  1. I do that all the time when I run to the store for milk! Ooops!

    My highlight from the weekend was Saturday afternoon/evening. We spent that time with the Olson family and it was a blast. We always have so much fun with them!

    Don't have too busy a week. Dan's taking Ben to hunter's safety which is Monday and Tuesday, church on Wednesday...I think that's all we have until Saturday. Curtiss Street is putting on a play for Easter and Andy play's Peter, so we're going to go down to see that. That's all for our week!

    1. Your Saturday sounds like it was so much fun! I am glad you still get together with the Olson family!

      Ben is already at the age to do hunter safety? Wow! But how fun!

    2. Yeah, we love getting together with them. We've both really made an effort to stay close!

      Ben will be 12 in June...next year, TEENAGER! Crazy!

    3. A teenager?!?!?! Can you believe you will have a TEENAGER??