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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

Last week was so much fun sharing what I ate, as well as seeing what others out there had to eat, that I thought I would join in on the party again this week. 
I always start out my day with a big 'ol cup of water. It's nice to start working to get my water in right away, and fill up my stomach a bit before I eat. 

I normally workout before eating my big breakfast, but yesterday was my recovery day so I started off my morning eating my banana, blueberry oatmeal. This truly hit the spot! I love oatmeal for breakfast, I really do. I tried to switch it up a bit yesterday. I made my oats and then mashed up half a banana to add-in. I decided I wanted blueberries too. I added in a half teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/2 tablespoon of chia seeds, and of course it wouldn't be complete without some natural peanut butter. ;)
Banana Blueberry Oatmeal
While normally I am hungry for my mid-morning snack two or three hours after breakfast, that oatmeal filled me up enough where the morning passed by and the next thing I look at the clock and it's lunch time. {That's totally not normal for me, so if you are looking for a filling meal, try this. And, to add a bit more to it, use almond milk instead of water. Just fills you up even more.}

For lunch I was craving a salad. We are out of spinach, so I just cut up some iceberg lettuce and used that. I added in a half a cup of black beans and a tablespoon of almond slivers and cranberries.
Black Bean Salad
The dressing I used is one I picked up from Costco that both My Hunter and I really like. I wanted to add quinoa and avocado to the salad, but I was too impatient and hungry to make the quinoa and I totally forgot about the avocado until after I had devoured my entire bowl. Oh well, next time. :-)
Sun Dried Tomato & Garlic Vinaigrette and Marinade
In the mid-afternoon, I had a cup of coffee to warm up as I caught up on some work. The funny thing is, I haven't been enjoying my coffee as much. I went from making myself liking it because it "looked fun" to drink, to having to add lots of creamer and sugar just to get it down, to now only being able to drink it black because the sweet coffee upsets my stomach. And, I actually prefer having a cup of tea at the end of the night {over the coffee} when the kids are in bed. It's starting to become a relaxing routine for me.
Starbucks House Blend
Afternoon snack wasn't intended to be toast with Nutella and PB, but I made some up for the kids and I couldn't pass it up for myself.
I had already eaten half before I remembered to take a picture.
 I snuck some of their gold fish too. :-)

Supper, although not an appealing picture, was rather good! I had a baked potato and a venison burger topped with tomato. 

And for some reason I caved and pulled out these almond treats and had a handful too many. Oops! Need to save the rest for the kids' eggs.

So there you have it, my meals and snacks from yesterday. Would love to hear if you had anything new or a favorite in the past week.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. First of all, it's good to know that you're not always perfect on the diet end and that sometimes you cave too! =)

    Second, I'm not at all surprised that you love to have tea at night because you and I, my friend, are cut from the same cloth and that is my evening routine!

    My favorite thing to eat right now is breakfast. So, I usually have scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese, a low-fat yogurt, and a small glass of orange juice. But I'm finding that at lunch time, I'm still craving breakfast-y types of foods, so a couple days I've had a fried egg sandwich. Which is two slices of whole wheat bread, a touch of low-fat mayo on each slice, and an egg with the yolk broken and cooked. Then I usually have some grapes with it. And lastly my favorite new thing to eat is a whole wheat eggo waffle with strawberry jam on it which, of course, was on the list of items to eat during our clean-eating challenge group. I fell in love with it and have continue to have that for breakfast once a week! Yum!!

    1. I am definitely not perfect and had to be honest about what I ate. Glad it was helpful to you! :-)

      We are cut from one and the same, haha!

      Do you guys eat breakfast for supper ever? We like to do that when My Hunter is gone, because he doesn't like it like we do, but I agree, I could eat breakfast foods a lot!

    2. We do the same thing! Dan doesn't like breakfast for dinner either, so we do it when he's gone!