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Monday, April 7, 2014

Slim Down for Summer Challenge

How is it that summer is right around the corner? Here I am planning for the girls' summer swimming lessons, Vacation Bible School, family vacations, etc. when I feel like we were just visiting our family back in Wisconsin!

As I am sitting here, memories of two summers ago are flooding back in my mind as though it were yesterday. I was laying in a hospital bed praying and doing all I could to keep our baby safe and inside me "cooking" longer. We made it through to mid August... I had been put in the hospital in June. I am sure you can imagine what laying in a bed for that long did to my body {If you can't... stay tuned for a picture below.}. I came home, all muscle lost, not being able to walk up our stairs without having to stop one or two times to catch my breath. My body no longer was the same.

Three months after having our little guy I knew something needed to change. I hated that all I wanted to do was sleep. I hated that in the morning I would wake up to the sounds of my 6 year old daughter whispering and quietly pouring her 4 year old sister's cereal in a bowl, trying not to wake me up. I was supposed to be doing that job, not her. They are children, and here they were trying to take care of each other and their mama!

Enough was enough. No more excuses. I had too many of those, and I was sick of it. So, I joined my first challenge group and started TurboFire. I was determined to get in the best shape of my life. I wanted my muscle back, plus some. I wanted to have energy to keep up with my three kids, and I also didn't want to dread and cry at the thought of having to put a swimming suit on when summer rolled around.

I hated seeing my before pictures, but here I post them again, still not liking to look at them anymore than the day I took them. Who likes to see those?! However, I am now so thankful I have them, because I see the results of all this hard work! Was it easy? Heck no! There were days I was pushing through my workouts crying. There were days, I later found out, that my husband would sit on the stairs where I couldn't see him so that he could pop in the room to encourage me when he heard me getting frustrated or about to give up. That right there brings tears to my eyes now. He was and still is my biggest cheerleader. He knew how bad I wanted this, and he was right there to keep me going when I needed it most.
This is why I do what I do. This one challenge group that I decided to spend the money on, the money my husband, at the time, thought could be better used somewhere else. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, so we have to choose wisely where we spend. But, let me tell you, that was the BEST purchase I have ever made. Hands down! Life changing! And, I am never going back. Never.

Accountability. Support. Help. A shoulder to cry on. Someone to celebrate with.

Let me be all of that for you! Let me help you move into summer being happier and more confident then ever. This is not some quick fix or diet. This is the start to a new you, a whole new healthy lifestyle. I am inviting you to join my "Slim Down for Summer Challenge" staring Monday, April 28th and going through Sunday, May 18th. 

We will find a challenge program that you will love and fits you. You can start by checking out all the options on my site. T25 is on promo this month with a savings of $90, and Shaun T is amazing! You push play and get your workout in with only 25 minutes! Brazil Butt Lift is the other program on promotion this month, with a savings of $70, and although I have not tried it out yet, I have heard many great things about the program!

All our programs give modifications so don't worry about that. No matter what your fitness level, you can push harder or follow the modifiers and you are still going to get a great workout.

The great part is that when you purchase a challenge pack the Shakeology will come with. This is part of the designed meal plan I will put you on. It will help you with cravings, "clean you out," make you regular, increase your energy, and lose weight of course.

You will also get me as your coach! You will be added to a secret Facebook group, where only the members of the group will see what is being posted. This is where you will get support, encouragement, and be held accountable. The group will open up one week before our starting date so we can plan and prepare for the start of this challenge! We will work on your goals and why statement. You will take your measurements and before pictures during this week. We will talk meal planning and prep. And, then throughout this challenge, you will check-in daily for encouragement, tips, recipes, ideas, as well as to record your workout for the day and how you did on your eating. You will have moments of temptation and moments where you may want to give up, but that is why we have this group. I will help you!

So... are you ready? Are you in?? If you are tired of the excuses like I was and are ready to dive in head first, comment below for more information and to be considered for a spot in my "Slim Down for Summer Challenge" group. This all starts April 28th, which is just around the corner, so don't wait too long. Now is the time to become the best you!
21 Day Fix Results from one of my challengers!
4 pounds & 5.25 inches lost!

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