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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

3-Day Shakeology Cleanse // Explanation & My Results

Last week I decided I was going to do the 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse. You can see a bit about my day one here, day two here and I will be updating you on how my last day went in this post. :-) I know those of you that followed me on this may be wondering if I survived and stuck to the plan on that final day!

Before I give you that update though, I want to share why I chose to do this and go into more detail on how this cleanse works. I did not do this with the intention of losing weight. My main reason was because I needed to detox from the sugar I put in my body over Easter. I still can't get over how having sugar just made me go crazy wanting more and more.

What is the 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse?
The main purpose of the 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse is to jump-start your fitness, break a plateau, or shred pounds fast and effectively in a healthy way.

The Plan
  • 3 Shakeology Shakes a day
  • 2 Green Teas a day
  • 1 or 2 pieces of fruit a day (optional for those needing additional calories - I chose to have one fruit each day... why not? ;) )
  • 1 salad for dinner (only white grilled protein in salad)
Dairy or extra sugars

Only low fat dressings 

You can put your snacks before or after any of your major meals (breakfast, lunch or supper).

This cleanse is not for pregnant or nursing women.

Example of how my days went:

Drink one cup of green tea to start your day.
My girls joined in one of the mornings.
Make your Shakeology (140 calories) with ice and water. You can have 1/2 cup of fruit at this time too (60-90 calories). Like I said above, I chose to have my fruit all three days. I love to eat, so if it is an option, I will take it.

Snack #1: 
One piece of fruit (85 calories)

Shakeology (140 calories) with ice and water and 1 cup of green tea

Snack #2: 
Shakeology (140 calories) with ice and water

Salad... this thing ended up monstrous every night. I was full afterwards, no issues there! You put three servings of greens in your bowl, top with 2 tablespoons (no more!) of non-dairy dressing, and then add 4 ounces of grilled white meat (fish or poultry). 

I mentioned last week that I tried to do this cleanse back in November and failed from the start. I was worried I wouldn't make it through this time, but I stopped those thoughts in their tracks after My Hunter reassured me that I *could* do this. So, day one and day two, as you read earlier, were followed to a "T" for me. I couldn't have felt more proud or better! 

Now, let me catch you up on how day three went. My Hunter got home at 5:00 pm so that I could get out the door and get to the church for setting up my conference. This was the end of my day for eating. The cleanse had been followed to a "T" again. YAY! A success!

I have to share this next part though. I thought some of you would get a good laugh. On my drive to the church, I had to stop by and pick up the rosettes and verse cards that a friend put together for me that I needed for the event gifts. I was chatting with her real quick, with my hand on the door ready to jump back in my van to keep moving when she said, "Oh! I made an awesome dessert for the conference tomorrow. You have to try it!" {This is where I should have just told her I was doing this cleanse and I really, really did not want to eat anything outside of my plan, but do you think I did that?? Nope. Silly me! Worrying about what other people will think again.} 

She pulled me into her kitchen and handed me the dessert. I just held it in my hand thinking about what I was going to do now, while she stared at me waiting for me to take a bite. And I waited for her to turn away, but she watched, smiling, waiting for me to eat it. So... I did, because what else could I do?! And it *was* good, but I hated that I had a bite! She then turned her back to close the fridge and I quickly shoved the rest in my sweatshirt pocket saying, "Mmm! That was *so* good!" And, it really was, but I wasn't going to eat the rest of it, and I was certainly not going to let her know I hid the rest in my sweatshirt. {Sorry if you read my blog, Carla. I know you will laugh and wonder why I just didn't tell you! :-)}

Here it is, the dessert with a small bite missing that caused me from saying I had a "perfect" cleanse.
The only other slip-up I made was at church. We were working until midnight, and my friend had brought me a coffee. It smelled so good, and I honestly could have gotten by just fine without having any, but throughout the night I had 5 or 6 small sips just because.

So, other than those two small bumps in the road, my cleanse was almost followed to a "T".

Now, let me share how I felt and what I noticed while doing this cleanse.

My Results:
  • I felt clear-minded and focused! No foggy-brain.
  • My digestion got a restart! {Oh yes it did! They don't call it a cleanse for nothing! Sorry if this is T.M.I., but I am an honest gal. ;) }
  • I slept so much better!
  • My metabolism got a boost because of the green tea!
  • I kicked the sugar cravings!
  • The plateau that I was on was kicked! 
  • I was not starving at all!
  • I challenged myself and proved I could do this; the biggest, and by far my favorite, result of this whole adventure!!!
  • I lost 4.2 pounds in three days! I have never felt better... honestly! I SO, SO, SO wish I would have taken measurements beforehand, but I wasn't trying to lose weight, nor thinking I would ever possibly lose that kind of weight in three days. My legs, stomach, arms... everything felt slimmer and more toned, so I am certain I lost inches. I am planning on offering this cleanse in a challenge group setting sometime in the future, and you can bet I will be making my challengers take their measurements beforehand.
{Click to Enlarge}
  • Have you ever done a cleanse? 
  • What do you think would be the hardest part for you with doing a 3-day cleanse like this?
  • Do you think it would be fun to do something like this in a group setting with me coaching you now that I have gone through it successfully myself?


  1. I've never done a cleanse before, but I'd like to! I think the hardest part would be making food for my family and not eating it. And I think doing it with a group would help tremendously! Not only do you get the encouragement and motivation from others, you also get accountability!

    Good job on your cleanse! Your doing so well!! Even if not perfect!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's hard to be perfect... impossible actually, so I am happy with my results. :-) I would love to do this with you sometime. Maybe after your vacation before summer hits.